Custom made or Store bought ?

5 Mar

Hi girls!

It’s that time of year when we begin to start  dreaming  of our prom dresses. It’s always best when looking for a dress, that you  allow time for any last minute changes. After going through so many places, finding a dress can become a bit overwhelming. Below is a chart that can help you decide if a custom made dress is  more convenient or if a  store purchased dress might be best for you.

-Hope this helps! ❤

Custom Made    


  •  Colors, fabrics, & designs are all up to your wishes 🙂
  • Be Creative! Make it your One-Of-A-Kind dress!
  • No other girl will have your dress, phew!
  • Perfectly fitted


  • Might be $  pricey $
  • Takes some time to make

Store Bought


  • Perfect for last minute
  • Discounts  are greater


  • Repetitive themes and styles
  • Fabrics might be itchy on skin
  • A girl might have your dress

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what or who might have your dress or similar style, its YOU that makes it unique!  We wish you the best on your search for your perfect dress!


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