What To Capture On Your Prom Night?

1 Mar

Your Prom night is a once in a lifetime experience that you want to remember for the rest of your life, taking pictures is definitely the best way to capture all the excitement of your prom night. Here’s a list of some of the things you may want to photograph on your 2012 Prom night.

  1. You getting ready for your big night
  2. Just you all dressed up and ready to go
  3. Pinning on the boutonniere & placing the corsage on your wrist, etc.
  4. You & your date, you & your family, and of course you & your friends before leaving for the prom
  5. The limo (inside & out)
  6. Arriving at the prom (getting out the limo, outside the venue, etc)
  7. At your prom table
  8. Dancing! (with your date, with your friends, etc.)
  9. The 2012 Prom King & Queen
  10. Your teachers and fellow classmates
  11. The decorations, the DJ, the food, etc.
  12. Leaving the 2012 prom
  13. On  your way to the AfterProm
  14. At your AfterProm party or AfterProm cruise
  15. At the end of the night when you’re heading home

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