Q&A with Wendi Liu, a Miss New York Teen Contestant!

21 Feb

  • Name: Wendi Liu
  • ·Age:18
  • Grade Level: Freshman in College
  • Have you already attended the Prom?


  • What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory would have to be celebrating 4 years of friendship, love, and support. Although it was the end of high school, my crew and I still stay in contact. It was a night of fun and laughter, an unforgettable night!

  • Did you attend an After-Prom? 

I did go to After-Prom at Crimson. I absolutely love the after party, it was a night of never-ending fun. More memories were created and that calls for the loads of camera time… snap snap snap!

  •  What made you try out for this Pageant?

I received multiple mails from Miss Teen USA & one day I just said “I’m going to try out for this, why not? It’s once in a lifetime opportunity” and I was right. I also wanted to built more confidence and discover who I am as a young lady.  

  •  Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

I have so many favorite memories from the pageant but I would have to say is the bonding experience. The girls there were super nice and lay back. They are so supportive and willing to offer help anytime. I thought it was going to be awkward because I didn’t know anyone but the vibe in the atmosphere made me feel comfortable.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

Don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t” Keep chasing your dreams until you achieve it. I know sometimes we have bad days and it seems like were just running after something that’s completely out of our limits but that is the process of chasing your dreams. Keep your head high up in the game and always be motivated!

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

 During my high school years I didn’t wear that much make up simply because I didn’t know how to. However, after being exposed to the modeling industry and signing with Ikon Model Management I slowly learned from make up artists. I would definitely go with Nars Cosmetics, there more on the natural side but also have  bold and edgy effects. You can mix and match, play with the colors and you’ll be surprise at the results.


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