Q & A with Courtney Baxter, Miss National Sweetheart 2012!

7 Feb

  •  Name: Courtney Baxter
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Grade Level: Senior in High School
  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Yes, I have been to Jr. Prom three times and Sr. Prom once.  I went to senior prom when I was a junior, it was at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.  My senior prom is going to be at the Foundry in PA, which is an old steel mill turned into an event hall.

  • What is your favorite prom memory?

My favorite part of prom is the after prom, but I do have some pretty awesome memories of prom too.  Last year, another girl wore the same dress as me.  Even though we were not really good friends, when we saw each other, neither of us were upset.  Instead we chose to take pictures together and laugh it off.  I remember thinking to myself, this is awesome, it is so silly when girls get so upset over wearing the same dress!  Here is a tip to all of you fabulous prom girls: Don’t let having the same dress as someone ruin your night!

  • Did you attend an After-Prom?

I went to after-prom last year and it was the greatest thing ever!  The parents at our school spend the full week before prom decorating both of our school gyms, and the cafeteria.  When I walked in, I literally could not even recognize the place!  Everything from the entrance to the bathrooms stalls were completely decorated.  We had moon bounces, video game stations, poker tables, candy shops, fortune tellers, mini-golf, a volley ball tournament, photo booths, air-brush tattoos, and a hypnotist!  It was so much fun, and we could win all sorts of cool prizes including TVs, Ipads, cameras, college gear and gift certificates.  The hypnotist was definitely the best part though!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I kind of got into pageants as a fluke!  Last November my cousin convinced me to do Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011.  I made the top 15, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how many friends I made and how false the public perception of pageantry is.  Although I hadn’t planned on doing another pageant, ANTSO kind of fell into my lap.  I am the Community Service President at my school, so I am very involved in community outreach, public speaking and volunteer work.  When I learned about ANTSO and the fact that my score was made-up of community service, academic achievement, interview, on-stage question, personal expression and evening gown…I signed up right away!  When I was lucky enough to represent PA at nationals in Miami, I knew I had made the right decision.  Winning the national title was also a bonus!

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the pageant?

When I think back to nationals week, it is a blur of rehearsals, sequins and the Miami sun!  Of course my favorite memory was hearing my name be called as Miss National Sweetheart 2012, but I also loved the backstage time.  The dressing rooms were always  a crazy and friendly environment.  While we all competed for the same title, we still helped each other with hair and makeup, zipped up each others dresses, and reminded each other to pin on our sashes!  That is my favorite part about pageants, being competitive but still wanting to help other contestants do their best.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

My biggest advice would be to not be afraid to make sacrifices and not worry about what other people will think. When I followed my dream and became a professional actress at age 11, I had to sacrifice a lot of things to focus on my dream.  If I hadn’t given up going to school with my friends, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work on shows like gossip girl and be a backstage host at the Teen Choice Awards!  If I had worried about what other kids would think when I went on auditions and did not book the job, I would have never had the confidence and perseverance that I have today.  It can be hard to make big commitments and take the big leap toward your dream, but you are more likely to regret not taking that leap, than never taking a chance on your dream.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

We all want to look extra special on Prom Night, and there a few key ingredients to having a long-lasting and polished look.  To add a little more drama to your eyes, wear a pair of fake eye lashes.  They should give you more volume and a little more length without being overwhelming.  I love Clinique’s Fireberry long last gloss for fun and flirty lips.  Don’t forget to wear blush, it seems to be less and less popular for high school girls these days, but no one wants to look washed out in their prom pictures!  Smashbox Blush Rush is a nice pink that adds a natural glow.  With all of the pictures and dancing, it is easy to break a sweat, so using translucent powder will help set your makeup and keep you from getting shiny.  I personally love Makeup Forever’s HD powder.  My last advice, don’t got crazy with the spray tans!  It is better to use a bit of bronzer to highlight your complexion than have an all around orange glow.

To learn more about Miss National Sweetheart 2012, check out Courtney Baxter’s Facebook Page, Twitter and IMDB site!


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