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Q & A with MTV Host, Lenay Dunn!

29 Feb

We recently had a chance to speak with the MTV’s 10 on Top Host, Lenay Dunn! This African native enjoys jogging, laser tag and can speak Spanish! She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee and come to New York 3 days a week for MTV! Read more to learn about the fabulous life of Lenay Dunn!

Name:  Lenay Dunn
Occupation:  MTV host (I host the show ’10 on Top’, Saturdays 11:30am EST)
Hometown:  I was born in the Congo, Africa.  But I grew up most of my life in Fridley, Minnesota.  


·         Did you attend the Prom?  I did!  I think I went to a total of 5 proms in high school, 2 at my own school (Fridley High School), and 3 at my friends’ schools.  I liked prom so much I’d call my friends from other schools and ask them to find me dates at their schools so I could go to prom again lol.  My favorite dress I ever wore to a prom was pink and sparkly.  I attached some pics.  I think the dress is actually still at my parents house in a closet somewhere.  That was my first prom ever in 11th grade, with my first boyfriend Jake.  

·         What did you learn in High School that prepared you for your career today?   I went to public school in Fridley, MN.  & it was awesome!!  (I went to a few private schools’ proms though.. the boys were cute.)  I took a lot of theatre classes and art classes at my high school though.  I was in a lot of the school plays in middle school and then in high-school I read the morning announcements broadcasted over the classroom TV’s in the morning.  So I think I learned how to run around on camera a bit.  I also played ice hockey & was on the swim/track team.  Which has nothing to do with this interview, or with my job today, but it was still fun! xo

·         What are you working on these days?  Besides hosting the countdown show ’10 on Top’ on MTV (Saturdays 11:30am EST), I was just picked up by Macy’s to be their brand American Rag’s official ‘it girl’, which is very exciting & fun!  I get to blog about fashion & music, be the face of their brand, and go to all the summer music festivals to interview bands.  

·         What is your favorite part about being a host on MTV? lots of things… getting to live half in New York  (I live in Nashville and fly to NYC 3 days a week to host the show), the team of people who work on the show are super awesome, and I get an office in Times Square (which is more like a giant closet since I keep lots of clothes and shoes in it ha)

·         What would your advice be for the Class of 2012?   Have fun!  You are about to graduate and you have SO much adventure ahead of you, just have fun with it – you only live once.  That and tweet me.  That’s the best advice of 2012.  Be my twitter friend.  @lenaydunn.   

·         Tell us about some of your favorite hobbies, pastimes.  I like jogging, watching cat videos on the internet, making funny videos with my friends & putting them on youtube.. I also like speaking Spanish (I originally went to college to be a Spanish teacher), playing road hockey with neighborhood kids, & baking sugar cookies.  


To learn more about Lenay visit some of her sites:
Click HERE for her Facebook
Click HERE for her Twitter
Click HERE for her official website


Contest: Prom Dress Giveaway by Mac Duggal

28 Feb

Want to win a prom dress from Mac Duggal? Mac Duggal will be giving away a dress a month until April. All you have to do is be 14 years or older, “Like” their page on Facebook and fill out this form on their website and voila! Mac Duggal dresses are perfect for Prom 2012 and AfterProm 2012. The contest ends April 14th 2012. Enter now!

Prom Accessories: Rhinestone Headbands

27 Feb

Headbands= 5 year old girl with pigtails, right? Wrong! Ever since Gossip Girl exploded onto the scene the popularity of headbands has risen and we have none other then the Queen B herself, Blair Waldorf, to thank. Blair’s obsession with headbands has caused headbands to make their way into our hearts and our heads not only in our everyday accessories but also our formal accessories. If you are as obsessed with headbands as we are Prom 2012 would be the perfect occasion to show off that obsession!

Rhinestone headbands are definitely the perfect accessory to add to your Prom 2012 look. These headbands can be found at almost any accessory store, two of our favorites come from Prom Girl Jewelry. These headbands will make any 2012 Prom look pop and will add a little bling without being too much.

Prom Modeling Contest: Enter now! Only a Few Days Left!

24 Feb

 Hey Ladies! Are you a member of the class of 2012? Do you want to look HOT at your prom? If the answer is yes then enter ‘s 12th annual Prom Modeling Contest now!

It’s free to enter and when you do, you’ll receive 2 FREE tickets to our PROM FASHION SHOW! The 12 winners will have the chance to present this year’s top Prom and After Prom fashion at one of the hottest New York Nightclubs like Crimson and El Morocco.

Two pictures is all it takes to win a chance at showing off your inner Gisele, but you only have until March 1st,  so ENTER HERE NOW!

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out last year’s hottest moments here!



Cool Site: This Is Teen

23 Feb

Looking for a great book? Come check out what we found for you! This is teen is the perfect place where you can check out new upcoming books & author appearances that makes reading fun and creative!


Show your friends what the new “it” book is by posting pics!  Remember to visit  This Is Teen for upcoming contests and great events !

Perfect Prom Sweepstakes!

22 Feb

Seventeen Magazine is holding a contest to win the Perfect Prom! There are 2 options to enter this contest: 1st you can subscribe to the magazine for only $10! That’s a full year of great Seventeen Magazine for a very low price! 2nd if you are already a Seventeen Magazine subscriber or just want to enter the contest you can fill out an entry HERE for no cost! If you are the lucky winner you win $25,000 toward the Prom of your dreams! Good Luck Everyone!!

Perfectly Polished Prom!

22 Feb

Teen Vogue and Sally Hansen are teaming up to give you the prom of your dreams! In order to enter the contest all you need to do is send a picture HERE of you in your favorite prom fashion and custom Sally Hansen nail design! Don’t miss out on this great contest and good luck!!!

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